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Icon Table Generator

I built this small script because I'm lazy and I didn't want to have to copy-paste chunks of table code again and again and again, just to display my livejournal icons in my icon journal; so I decided to whip up a quick script to handle all that for me.

Since other people might also find it useful, I'm putting it online for anyone's use. :)

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Important notes


Read carefully!

  1. In the form below, either select or create your icon template -- I already made a few preset ones, but in case you'd like to use a personalized one for yourself, feel free to use the create template form to specify how your template looks like (this cannot be saved, however).

    • If you select a preset template, pick one from the dropdown that will show up. You can preview how the template you selected looks like by clicking on the link next to the dropdown.
    • If you wish to use your own template, enter the template header, body, and footer in the text areas that will show up. For more information on creating a template, click here.
  2. In the succeeding text box, enter the image URL of your icon or image (it must already be uploaded on the Internet!). The button right below the text box will allow you to add more text boxes -- as many text boxes as you need for your icons/images. If you wish to remove a text box, click on the "x" beside it.

    New! If you want to create headings for sections of your images, just enter plain text or HTML. Be sure the first few characters aren't http://, although you can put links if you need to (i.e., <a href="http://website...).

  3. Once you're ready, click on "Generate code", and an HTML code which you can put on your Livejournal will be generated for you, based on the template you're using and the image URLs you've provided. You may copy and paste this directly into your entry. By default, a link pimping the parser will be appended to the end of your generated code, but if you wish to remove this line, just select the appropriate radio selection below the "Generate code" button.

Icon Template Reader and HTML Code Generator

  1. Select/create your template.
    Select from preset templates
    Create your own template
    (Preview selected)
  2. Enter your image URLs.

    Headers: Enter text/html to create headings!
    A line that doesn't start with http:// is a heading.
    To create customized individual icon headings, add the short text after the URL and a space:
    http://icon_url_here blue ## - "blue" is the custom icon heading, ## is optional if you want it to be numbered too

    • Add how many fields?


    One URL/heading per line.

  3. Lastly...
    Yes, add a small credit line at the end
    No, don't add the credit line